Redware Rundlet, Hard Cider & Log Cabin, William Henry Harrison Campaign - Antique Associated At West Townsend

Redware Rundlet, Hard Cider & Log Cabin, William Henry Harrison Campaign

Possibly Maine… definitely northern New England, Extremely Rare & Unique

Redware Rundlet, Hard Cider & Log Cabin, William Henry Harrison Campaign

Ovoid barrel form having incised bands centering a Log Cabin and “HARD CIDER”… Great early political piece. Wonderfully glazed red earthenware rundlet that is attributed to northern New England, and probably made in Maine, although this type of glaze is found with potteries in central and northern New England.

During the months before the 1840 presidential election, the Whig party designed a campaign that pitted a heroic William Henry Harrison against the aristocrat Martin Van Buren, whom they nicknamed “Van Ruin”, blaming him for the disastrous banking failures of 1837. The Democratic party chose to emphasize Harrison’s advanced age, with one paper commenting “Give him a barrel of hard cider, and… a pension of two thousand [dollars] a year… and… he will sit the remainder of his days in his log cabin.” This negative campaign did not produce desired effect. The Whigs turned the campaign to their own benefit, declaring Harrison as “The Log Cabin & Hard Cider Candidate”. Unlike Van Buren who was a spoiled dandy, Harrison was a man of the people from a humble farm in North Bend, Ohio. Although Harrison had come from a wealthy family, his frontier life was successful in connecting him to the public. The Whig party produced campaign paraphernalia featuring log cabins and barrels of hard cider. Harrison campaigned vigorously and won. Harrison served only one month as president before dying of pneumonia on April 4, 1841.

Item Date: Circa 1840

Measurement: Height: 5"

Material: Redware, beautiful cream glaze

Item Condition: Very good with only a few trivial vestiges of time, [tiny] chips at barrel rim that do not distract, displays very well.

Literature: See, "From One Town Came many / The Red Earthenware Industry of Ancient North Yarmouth, Maine" by Justin W. Thomas, page 411.

Price: $4,750

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