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Pipe Kiln and Clay Pipes

Pipe Kiln and Clay Pipes

Featuring three iron hoops mounted vertically joining a pair of horizontal iron rails; fitted with a loop handle… the whole raised on arched legs resting on duck feet.

For similar examples see J. Seymour Lindsay, “Iron & Brass Implements of the English House” (1970), Figures 392 – 396. It is noted on pp. 69 – 70 that “pipe kilns are wrought iron racks used in the process of cleaning clay pipes. They are usually made with three rings connected by a flat bar top and bottom, with a ring to form a handle; the frame standing upon four squat legs… When the pipes became foul with tobacco juice they were not thrown away, but were laid, as many as two or three dozen at a time, in a rack and then placed in a very hot oven until thoroughly baked, when they would be taken out quite clean and more agreeable to smoke than a new pipe”.

Item Date: 18th Century

Measurement: Length: 12.25"; height: 10"; width: 6"

Material: Wrought iron

Item Condition: Excellent


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