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Noah’s Ark, 166 Passenger List, Erzgebirge, Germany for the American Market

Perfect Display Size Ark with Nicely Paired Passengers

Noah’s Ark, 166 Passenger List, Erzgebirge, Germany for the American Market

In 19th century America, Sunday was often a dreaded long day for children, and even more for parents who managed energetic but bored children through the religious routine. When the Noah’s Ark Toy and learning tool was accepted by the church elders as appropriate Sunday study for children, Sunday became easier for everyone. Instead of sitting through long sermons, quiet periods, and other church ceremonies, the children could instead take Bible Study classes learning about The Great Flood, Noah’s Journey, animals and birds of the world, and wherever a child’s imagination may wander. Many of these animals had only recently become known to the Western Culture through Livingstone’s African Discoveries and writings. The Noah’s Ark toys originated in the Erzgebirge region of Germany, and once accepted by many strict churches in Europe in the mid-19th century the practice quickly spread to America. These Noah’s Ark sets represent the evolution of church practices and social culture in main-stream Western Religion and are a history lesson in three dimensions.

This well played-with example features a late 19th Century 21″ Ark with a storage compartment accessed via a fold-up roof, where the animals, birds and humans were meant to rest during play periods. This made a very convenient tool for both use and storage. The Ark is nicely painted with a typical stenciled facade and is in excellent condition. The total of 166 passengers includes 3 humans, 48 birds (in pairs), 113 animals (in pairs plus a sole cat), and 3 crickets. Perfect display for any children’s playthings, or a holiday or religious presentation. Take a good look at the pictures and use your imagination.

Item Date: Fourth Quarter, 19th Century

Measurement: Ark: 21." x 13" x 5.5" Humans: 3"; Elephant: h-2.5"; L-3.5"; w-1": others sized by comparison.

Material: Wood, Polychrome Paint

Item Condition: Ark retains nice paint with minor imperfections Passengers are played with and some lost an ear, leg, or whatever...better than drowning in the flood!! Perfect nice set for display. Many possibilities with so many nice pairs of animals and birds.


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