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Late 15th Century Near Pair of Gothic Candlesticks

Northwest Europe

Late 15th Century Near Pair of Gothic Candlesticks

These Gothic candlesticks (assembled) from the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century are of two-part construction and display the typical Gothic socket with square aperture and the typical flat knop below, but now feature new elements to the shaft. Below the knop is a long ringed baluster, another flat knop, and a short baluster before the shaft terminates in a rudimentary ring and is joined to what Michaelis calls a “hollow incurved conical base”. (See Ronald Michaelis: Old Domestic Base Metal Candlesticks, Antique Collectors Club, 1978 page 49-61; Chapter 5, Candlesticks with Hollow Incurved Conical Bases – Group Two). Whether these candlesticks temporally followed the more typical Gothic knopped candlesticks with high skirt base, or whether they were a contemporary design variant is not known. This pair of candlesticks is nearly identical with slight turning differences on the high skirt base and, while the lowest shaft element on one has shallow ringing, the other is plain (though it is possible that the ringing has been polished-out removed).

Item Date: Late 15th Century

Measurement: Height: 9.5"; Base Diameter: 4.75"

Material: Copper Alloy

Item Condition: Very good

Literature: For a related example, see figure 27 Christopher Bangs; "The Lear Collection A Study of Copper Alloy Socket Candlesticks A.D. 200 -1700".

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