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John Bull Blinking Eye Novelty Shelf Clock

T. Kennedy, Blinker

John Bull Blinking Eye Novelty Shelf Clock

Late 19th century, novelty clock, with John Bull figure. Painted cast iron, blinking eye, the base with embossed maker’s mark “T. Kennedy Patent Applied For 1856,” (Winding key included.) Most of these American cast iron figural clock cases, often referred to as John Bull, were produced by Bradley and Hubbard of Meriden, Connecticut. Some horological reference books refer to this example as the Squire model, an English historical fique akin to our Uncle Sam. The subject clock displays a casting label in the base: “T. Kennedy, Patent, Applied For 1856.” The movement is die- stamped by the Connecticut clock/movement maker, “C. JEROME.” Chauncey Jerome (1793-1868).

[The connection/relationship between Kennedy and Bradley and Hubbard is not yet known.]

Item Date: Circa 1865

Measurement: Height: 16.5", width: 8.5", depth: 6"

Material: Cast iron, brass, polychrome, 30-hour spring driven movement

Item Condition: Dial paper is replaced, does not run. We have a great clockmaker who will attend to the movement if a new owner desires; original paint is at nearly full coverage, only some "as expected" scattered minor chips mostly to high spots. As for the movement, it is original and complete; likely needs to be cleaned and oiled which we will manage at the buyer's expense.

Price: $2,150

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