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Flatiron Trivet, Signed, H. BARTON, (East Hampton, Connecticut)

Simple and elegant, beautiful casting and patina

Flatiron Trivet, Signed, H. BARTON, (East Hampton, Connecticut)

A simple casting of one piece featuring heart shaped ornamet and the impressed mark “H. Barton”. The mark is sylistically like that of the “W. Barton” mark used by William Barton, Jr., 1762-1849, purportedly the first brass founder in East Hampton, CT, in 1808. Two of his sons, Hubbard and Hiram assumed responsibility in Middlesex County according to the 1830 CT census. It is believed that Hubbard gave up brass founding for farming; he is not listed as heaof household until the 1840 census. It is known that Hiram continued in the brass founding business in a shop near his late redidence on Baron Hill, and later ina factory on the road leading west from East Hampton. The Winterthur Museum owns an identical trivet sans handle.

Item Date: After 1826

Measurement: 1.5" x 11" x 4"

Material: Iron, maple handle

Item Condition: Trivet is fine, loss to underside of handle where pierced by trivet tang.

Reference: See Metalwork in Early America, Copper And Its Alloys by Donald Fennimore, page 368. Mr. Fennimore states "Hiram Barton is, therefore, the more likelymaker of this trivet".


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