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Federal Paint Decorated Tall Clock, New England

Movement Characteristics Speak to Thomas & Hoadley, Plymouth, Connecticut. Weight Driven 30-Hour Pulldown Wooden Movement, Original Pewter Hands

Federal Paint Decorated Tall Clock, New England

A broken arch [swans’ neck] pediment surmounts the hood; delicate ring-turned swelled columns on plinths flank the tombstone shape glazed door. The waisted case featuring cavetto moldings is fitted with a rectangular hinged pendulum door having thumb- molded overhanging edges. The molded base is raised on applied bracket feet. The case displays outstanding proportions and inspired original fancy faux grained paint, the hood, base, and door feature faux string inlays… and painted faux crossbanding. The scalloped dial spandrels containing gilt leaf devices with red veins and silhouetting centering chapter the ring having painted Roman and Arabic numerals… weight driven “pull-down” 30-hour movement with hour strike. The arched dial ornamented with smartly painted pairs of trees flanking a gilt monument on hillock; tombstone painted border treatment conforms to border ornamentation of spandrels.

Item Date: Circa 1810-1813

Measurement: Height: 82.5"

Item Condition: The pierced pewter hands are original. The case and dial display beautifully; vestiges of time [wood shrinkage] have caused the long-repaired pediment scroll fissures. Our restoration expert has examined the imperfections sharing that he is able to mask the old cracks. Our clockmaker has cleaned and oiled the movement which runs and keeps good time.

Reference: See, American Wooden Movement Tall Clocks by Phillip E. Morris, Jr., pp. 463/465


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