Eprouvette, Wheel Lock Spanner, Powder Tester, Measure

All Iron, Hand Ignited, Enclosed Wheel, Probably Italian, An extremely rare, all iron, straight eprouvette with three functions

Eprouvette, Wheel Lock Spanner, Powder Tester, Measure

The style, with flat arched head with engraved numerals from one to twelve; the indicating arm is attached to ratchet wheel which functions against the spring that is part of pan. Central spanner above tubular powder-measure held in place by spring numbered from one to twelve. For a nearly identical example see Eprouvettes- A Comprehensive Study Of Early Devices For The Testing Of Gunpowder by RTW Kempers, page 166, figure 181. Bright finish, as expected, some pitting.

Item Date: Late 17th Century

Measurement: Length fully extended: 10.25"; length closed:7"

Date Added: April 3, 2024

Price: $2,995

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