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Coin Silver Standing Cup, Presented, Nantucket

Harvey Crocker, Nantucket, J.A. Crocker

Coin Silver Standing Cup,
Presented, Nantucket

Recently purchased from a Martha’s Vineyard family. The Nantucket Historical Association, Harvard University and other institutions have published the Memorial and Remonstrance of Harvey Crocker and 220 others, legal voters of Nantucket against the petition of E.J. Pompey & 104 others. Jan. 1845; petitions for and against Integrating
Nantucket Schools. Petition drives were widely used to promote reform movements in the nineteenth century. Early in 1845, six petitions were submitted to Boston. Four advocated school integration and the passage of a law guaranteeing equal access to education. Two defended the school’s policy of segregation. The State legislature took the side of those who argued for equal rights and passed Chapter 214 of the Acts of 1845. This groundbreaking law prohibited discrimination in the public schools of Massachusetts and guaranteed equal education to all students.

Item Date: 19th Century

Measurement: Height: 4.75"; diameter: 3.5"

Item Condition: good weight, fine condition

Price: $950

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