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Cased Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer Pepperbox, NYC Retailer Marked

Serial Number 34, 3.25-Inch Solid Rib Barrel, .31-Caliber
Worcester Production Marked for J.G. Bolen

Cased Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer Pepperbox, NYC Retailer Marked

The 6-shot barrel assembly displays the following markings, each on a solid rib: “ALLEN & THURBER WORCESTER”, PATENTED 1837″, “CAST STEEL”, and “BOLEN 04 B’WAY, N.Y.” for the New York City retailer J.G. Bolen. The retailer marking was hand stamped by Bolen and is mostly missing the “1” in the street address because the die was broken; the address line should read “104.” The frame and nipple shield are engraved with floral scroll patterns. The left side of the bar hammer is marked “ALLENS PATENT.” A silver oval inlay is featured on each grip panel. Matching batch number “34” appears on the grip frame, hammer, hammer spring, trigger guard, both grip panels and barrel cluster. The period partitioned case contains a leather wrapped cylindrical powder flask, lead balls, a two-cavity iron bullet mold, case key, and cleaning rod.

Item Date: 1840's

Measurement: Overall length: 7 1/8"

Material: Walnut grips, silver inlays.

Item Condition: Very fine. The nipple shield retains 60% of the original blue finish, otherwise the pepperbox retains 50% of the original blue finish with the balance a smooth brown-gray patina. The engraving is crisp. 50% of the original case colors remain on the hammer. The grips are excellent and retain nearly all original varnish. Mechanically excellent. The case is very good with a trivial tight-hairline-crack on the lid mentioned for accuracy [doesn't distract or compromise], minor handling/storage marks and typical high spot wear on the lining. The accessories are all fine or better. A beautiful Bolen marked set that saw little-or-no use. (Please know that the BOLEN'S labels are copies).

Price: $9,400

SKU 308-668

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