Blunt & Syms Cased Pepperbox & Accessories, Small Frame, Bag Grip

High Condition, 28-Caliber Serial Number 7, Scroll Engraved Frame

Blunt & Syms Cased Pepperbox & Accessories, Small Frame, Bag Grip

There are only a few others extant in this condition and completeness. Standard Blunt & Syms ring trigger design housed within the smallest casing with all accessories including a beautiful tiny period French flask, a mint condition mold, and correct all metal rammer cleaner. The face of barrel cluster is marked “R-C 7” as is the head of barrel cluster screw. The pistol with German silver grip screw escutcheons is housed within a partitioned case lined with green velvet.

Item Date: Manufactured late 1830's to 1850's This example is serial number 7

Estimated Year: 1838

Measurement: Case: 1.5" x 8.25" x 4.25", Barrel: 2.25"

Item Condition: Excellent... 80-90% original blue on the barrel and about 40% on the frame. Great varnish on the grips. It's a challenge to fine a small frame Blunt & Syms with any finish, this example is outstanding... the overall and mechanical condition are excellent.

Price: $7,250

SKU 308-667

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