Antique Sampler: Martha Barron Pickering - Antique Associated At West Townsend

Antique Sampler: Martha Barron Pickering

Portsmouth, New Hampshire,Wrought by Miss. Martha Barron Pickering, Aged 11 Years, May 27th, 1828

Antique Sampler: Martha Barron Pickering

Worked with silk threads and silk floss on linen. The stylistic format of Martha Pickering’s sampler-featuring a distinctive birdhouse and pyramid-shaped trees-was employed in Portsmouth as early as 1810 and continued to be favored until 1840. Works from this group include the month, day, and year that the sampler was embroidered. A picket fence attaches the house to barn; a single bird is usually perched on the gatepost, and a birdhouse (with chimney) is mounted on a pole elevated above the barns roof; there is a bird perched on the roofs peak. Anotherschool tradition is the use of trees, they are always wrought in odd numbers of one, three, or five, depending on available space based on the width of the sampler; foliage is embroidered cross-stitches. Depicted in this work is a bird atop the center tree. This needlework sampler remains in superb original condition and is archivally mounted within an attractive modern frame.

Item Date: 1828

Measurement: Frame: 21" x 20"; view: 17.5" x 16.5"

Price: $4,350

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