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Americana, Newspaper, Connecticut Courant

Americana, Newspaper, Connecticut Courant

Writer’s note. As a researcher and collector of early American MSS and printed material, I generally dismiss non-war or non-important historical American dated newspapers, but I could not put this one down once I started reading. The entire front page is about the May 20,21 events in the French Revolution. Being that America has just completed an insurrection, and France attempting to copy the process, Americans took a keen interest in the events as they happened. 1795 was near the end of the French Revolt and focused on the formation of their new government. Anyone with an interest in France, Democracy, the Human Condition, would find this 4 page volume most interesting. Later in the volume there is the typical news copied from other national gazettes, and the 4th page has a 1/2+ column on the Connecticut Manufactory Lottery with “Now or Never” banner heading. Following the lottery write up in an advertisement for Western Expansion with a man gathering his travelers and offering 200 acres to be conveyed when they arrive (uh huh). Fascinating reading for an inquiring mind, history buff.

Item Date: July 20, 1795

Measurement: 19" x 11" or 19" x 22" when unfolded.

Item Condition: Typical fraying and chipping at edges, folds, curling, some discoloration, but fully readable copy Overall: Good

Price: $135

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