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Union Soldier Doing Laundry


A.R. Waud was an illustrator of Civil War and American frontier scenes, beginning his career as an artist-correspondent for Harper’s Weekly and assigned to the Army of the Potomac. He was one of only two artists present at the Battle of Gettysburg, and his sketch of the Battle of Pickett’s Charge may be the only image of the conflict by an eyewitness. The Library of Congress holds a large collection of his wartime sketches, and this watercolor appears to have been painted in the studio from a field sketch. Though this medium can be used for quick recording, even during a reprieve the precise application is more appropriate for a composed image that would later be reprinted in greyscake for Harper’s Weekly. The subject is uncommon for available Waud paintings, few of which have come up at auction or on the market in the past fifteen years.

Item Date: Circa 1861-1866

Measurement: Frame: 28" x 23"; View: 16.5" x 21.5"

Material: Watercolor on paper

Price: $2,950

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