4 14K gold American Society Badges, of Katherine Meridith Harter (descendent)

4 14K gold American Society Badges, of Katherine Meridith Harter (descendent)

Includes a 14 k gold and enamel badge of the Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America JOHN UPHAM and CAPT. SAMUEL UPHAM on the Patriots Bar and the members name and number of the reverse of the horizontal points of the star. (14.88 grams, marked 14K on the hanger).

A General Society of Mayflower Descendants badge, unmarked, but apparently 14K, 11.25 grams. The member’s name and number on the reverse.

A Society of Colonial Governor’s badge, unmarked as to metal content, reverse engraved with the member’s name and number.
Finally, from an uncertain organization, a 14K badge of an organization with the abbreviation F O C and the date 1066. With the date 1096 and the image of a Christian Cross, this organization probably had something to do with the Crusades, however we have not been able ascertain a definite attribution. The reverse has Ms. Harter’s name and J.E.C. & Co. and 14K stamped on the reverse. (7.8 grams).

Item Date: Circa 1910

Estimated Year: 1910

Material: 14K Gold and silk ribbon. All weights are the total weight of the item, including ribbons and hangers.

Item Condition: About Uncirculated

Price: $2,850

SKU 849-126

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