18th Century British Commercial Musket, Military Style Flintlock, Ketland & Co.

Brown Bess Flintlock Musket with Historic “York Volunteer” Inscription, Birmingham, England. Stock stamped: YC 167 for York Castle Armory or York Militia

18th Century British Commercial Musket, Military Style Flintlock, Ketland & Co.

These militias were raised during the very early 19th century in preparation for a possible invasion of Britain by Napoleon’s forces, had the French fleet not been destroyed at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Brown Bess flintlock musket with historic “York Volunteer” Inscription and Ketland & Co. Lock. The lock is inscribed “Ketland & Co.” in script; stock branded “Y+C / 54” on the left side of the butt… branded twice is found “STURDY”.

This musket is within the circle of the standard Short Land Brown Bess pattern. It has traces of two Birmingham proof marks and an indecipherable mark on the barrel. The side plate is very similar to those found on standard military issue British Brown Bess muskets; ramrod pipes are also very similar to those used on the Brown Bess muskets as are the swivel locations; the button head iron ramrod, stock shape, trigger guard, and bayonet lug. Deviating from the military patterns are the higher quality barrel tang with sighting groove and flush fitting screw, the oval thumb plate which is vacant of inscription and the use of wedges to secure the barrel instead of pins.

Item Date: 18th century

Measurement: Overall length: 58.25"; barrel length: 42.25"

Item Condition: The barrel displays a nice mottled patina; there is a very old filled fissure to underside of stock at triggerguard bow. We note that an 18-inch long sliver of wood at top of channel on left side is restored; 1.5-inchres of forend on left side restored. This historic gun displaysvery well.

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