1799 Springfield Ships Musket, (1795 type I pattern), Extremely Rare & Fine

The lock configuration and markings are consistent with Model 1795 (Type I). Barrel displays “forgers” [makers] mark, “BC” 400-guns ordered by Secretary of War in 1797, Navy correspondence notes “100 New Ship Muskets” received in Boston 1798.

1799 Springfield Ships Musket, (1795 type I pattern), Extremely Rare & Fine

The United States Navy was re-established in 1797, the Constitution, the United States, and the Constellation were commissioned; the first government orders for a specific “ships musket” were recorded as ordered by the Secretary of War as armament for the Navy. This example in outstanding original condition. The stock is superb and displays a great patina; all metal parts including barrel are a smooth plumb-brown thinning to smoky gray; action is smooth and tight. This model is a variant of the 1795 Infantry Musket featuring the same mountings; barrel is two-inches shorter than Infantry Musket.

Item Date: 1798

Measurement: Overall length: 57"; barrel length: 42"

Reference: Discussions are found within American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume II by George Moller, also U.S. Military Flintlock Muskets Volume II by Peter Schmidt. See: Borders Away, Volume II: Firearms of the Age of Fighting Sail by William Gilkerson, and ofcourse, Flayderman's Guide, 9th edition, page 540.

Price: $6,850

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