19th Century Painting on Board, Troy Conference Academy, Poultney, Vermont

Old Ames Hall, Fire destroyed the building in 1908

19th Century Painting on Board, Troy Conference Academy, Poultney, Vermont, Image 1

The Troy Conference Academy was founded by the Methodist Church in 1834, opening for classes in 1837. From 1863 to 1874, Troy Conference Academy was known as the Ripley Female College, which was the first college for women in Vermont. Ralph Waldo Emerson gave the 1865 Commencement address. In 1874, the school returned to being the Troy Conference Academy and for generations was the secondary school for many in Poultney. For more than thirty years in the mid-20th century, the school was known as the Green Mountain Junior College, a two-year college for women. In 1974, male students were admitted, and the name changed to Green Mountain College. In the 2000s, the school offered an innovative environmental curriculum earning a national reputation for sustainability. Sadly, GMC closed permanently at the end of the 2018-2019 academic year.

Postcard of Old Ames Hall
Poultney Historical Society Collections

Date: 1834 - 1850 ish'

Measurement: 24.75" x 30"

Material: Oil on wood panel

Condition: Very good original condition


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