Pistol, Robertson's Percussion Target Pistol

Probably Haddington, Scotland

Pistol, Robertson's Percussion Target Pistol, Image 1

Dovetailed blade front sight with notch rear sight on tang. Octagonal barrel that had breech cut when converted to percussion and gold inlaid band added to breech. Lock signed "ROBERTSON" and scroll engraved; tang and trigger guard engraved en suite. Schnabel tipped forend stock with checkered pistol grip and flared and carved butt.

A nice example of a pistol that someone clearly enjoyed enough to have it converted when percussion ignition became the norm.

Measurement: .48-caliber smooth bore; Overall length: 16.5"; barrel length: 10"

Material: Walnut stock

Condition: Overall condition is very good. A period conversion. Barrel has chocolate patina throughout with scattered bright areas on underside before the Schnabel. Lock and trigger guard display a smooth gunmetal gray surface. The stock is nice with only trivial bumps and bruises consistent with age and use, rich color, and patina. Action is tight and smooth; bore is good with a minimum of oxidation.


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