Looking Glass, Mahogany, gilded wood, string-inlay and gesso on wire

Uniquely American, New York

Looking Glass, Mahogany, gilded wood, string-inlay and gesso on wire, Image 1

With a decidedly American personality, excelling in vertical proportion, festooned with flowers and foliage and no English cognate; this example remains in a seldom-encountered high state of originality. Centering the graceful high tightly scrolled molded and carved crest ornamented with Tudor roses is the beautifully executed carved and gilded urn with wheat and floral stocks artistically arranged; beneath which is mounted a molded oval medallion boss. A bead molding is applied to the frames outside edges with the carved and gilt sight edge molding glued to the inside edges. A simple string inlay centers the inner and outer moldings. The crest with a single line inlay is butted and glued to the top of frame edge; secured by blocking and straps with the outstanding elaborate transitional Rococo scrolled base and corner scrolls likewise butted and secured against the frame. The surface of this mahogany veneer on white pine mirror appears to be original and has a rich patina. Probably New York City or Albany.

Date: Circa 1790-1800

Measurement: Height: 64"; width: 24 3/8".


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