Striking Banjo Clock by Aaron Willard Jr., Boston, Massachusetts

Striking Banjo Clock by Aaron Willard Jr., Boston, Massachusetts, Image 1

A rare variation made to strike the hours. Half round mahogany frames and bezel, figured mahogany panels, one piece mahogany backboard, iron dial signed "A. Willard Jr., Boston" with barbed arrow hands. This case never had sidearms.

Recoil escapement, butterfly bridge, alternate train, three pillars; small, shaped keystone, mounted with one rear center screw. Plates with rounded tops; the internal bell is mounted above movement, and fabric covered .75-inch round sound holes drilled through backboard.

Date: Circa 1830

Measurement: Height: 32.5"; width: 10"; depth: 4"

Material: Mahogany, brass movement, iron dial, lead weights, gilt wood finials.

Condition: Very good, throat and door panels are replaced.

Literature: This clock is shown and discussed in "Willard's Patent Time Pieces - A History Of The Weight Driven Banjo Clock 1800-1900" by Paul J. Foley; Chapter 21 / Striking Banjos; pp. 149, figs. 347 and 348; page 150, fig. 350.