Combination Hunting Knife Flintlock Pistol, Hunting Sidearm

Likely Germanic States

Combination Hunting Knife Flintlock Pistol, Hunting Sidearm, Image 1

These hunting knives with built-in pistols were made as hunting sidearms used to dispatch wounded boars and other game. The octagonal to round brass barrel displays light engraving. The action is internal to grip/frame; mechanically fine and smooth. The lanquet displays a hunting scene, an acanthus scroll, and shell among other motifs. The brass frame ribs are scroll-engraved against a diapered ground; knuckle guard is cast with a wonderful male figure on the bow. Spearpoint blade remains in very good condition with no nicks.

Date: Circa 1760-1800

Measurement: Overall length: 27.25"; blade length: 22.25"; barrel length: 4.5" .32-Bore

Material: Steel, brass, staghorn

Condition: Excellent


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