Rare and Fine Japanese Faux Bamboo Cane Gun with Shoulder Stock

Rare and Fine Japanese Faux Bamboo Cane Gun with Shoulder Stock, Image 1

This piece is very finely made, as is expected from Japanese industry of the Meiji era. The metal cane is painted with an amazing and very convincing faux bamboo grain. The handle is fitted with a detachable shoulder stock. Japanese characters on the back of the chamber indicate 1878 as the date of manufacture.

On the left side of the cane, just below the handle, is a knurled sliding catch. This is a dual purpose locking device and safety. In the forward position it locks the action onto the cane preventing it from inadvertently opening. Pulling back on the catch allows the cane to be opened by turning the top section counterclockwise and pulling back. This allows the cane to be loaded with a shot shell, in this case an obsolete caliber from the 1870s. Pushing forward and turning clockwise closes and secures the breech. The sliding catch is slid forward to lock the action and activate the safety, preventing it from being fired. In order to fire the catch is slid backwards. The trigger is internal and has a small ring attached which is pulled backward to fire.

Date: 1878


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