Unique Liverpool Jug Presented to Daniel Webster, Shipbuilding Scene

The reverse features "The Shipwrights Arms", under the spout is a presentation to Daniel Webster.

Unique Liverpool Jug Presented to Daniel Webster, Shipbuilding Scene, Image 1

This piece was no doubt created for and presented to Webster
by a ship builder or a merchant shipping company in the Portsmouth area in recognition of his support...his efforts in representing the interests of his region for which the statesman gained national prominence for his representation of New England shipping interests. Webster practiced law in Portsmouth, New Hampshire from 1807 to 1812 when he was elected to Congress. He opposed Jefferson's embargo and the War of 1812 as it obstructed New England shipping interests of which Webster championed.

Obviously unique, one of only a few pieces of creamware extant that was presented
to a famous American.

This pitcher displays transfers including a ship being built prior to launching, under
the spout surmounting eagle with 16 stars is "DANIEL WEBSTER" within oval wreath.
The reverse shows "The Shipwright's Arms".

Date: Circa 1812

Measurement: Height: 8"

Material: Creamware, black printed transfer

Condition: Displays as pristine, however our original notes dating to many years ago when we originally sold it state that a trivial crack so common to this medium was restored.

Reference: See Arman, Anglo American Ceramics, page 172, S - 47 to view the "shipbuilding" transfer (previously unrecorded) Herculaneum Pottery. Extremely rare.


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