Daniel Webster, Parian Figure After Thomas Ball, G.W. Nichols


Daniel Webster, Parian Figure After Thomas Ball, G.W. Nichols, Image 1

Ball modeled this figure on the eve of the Statesman's death and later received a first-class gold medal from the Charitable Mechanics Association. During Ball's long career he modeled several portraits of Daniel Webster (1782-1852). In 1853 the sculptor sold the reproduction rights for this statuette to George Ward Nichols, a Boston art dealer, for $500.00 The artist was relieved to relinquish any further responsibility as he found the details of copywriting, production and piracy to be vexing.

Date: 1853

Measurement: Height: 26"

Condition: Excellent original condition

Literature: See Ceramics in America, 2002, pp. 62 to 79, Ellen Paul Denker, Parian Porcelain Statuary: American Sculptors and the Introduction of Art in American Ceramics; Figure 6 is discussed on page 69.


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