Weathervane, Formal Prancing Horse, Rochester Iron Works (By Tradition)

New Hampshire, Rochester (possibly)

Weathervane, Formal Prancing Horse, Rochester Iron Works (By Tradition), Image 1

Full-bodied cast iron vanes of this distinctive form [and roosters] have long been attributed to "Rochester Iron Works, Rochester, New Hampshire", however, extensive research has not located the company, nor any nineteenth-century firm known to have advertised or produced weathervanes in New Hampshire. The vanes feature two-piece cast-iron bodies with sheet iron tails inserted between the body halves. These elegant horses have been found in six sizes.

Date: 1870-1890

Measurement: Height: 18.25"; length: 23.25"; depth: 3.25"

Material: Cast and sheet iron tail

Condition: Excellent

Reference: American Weathervanes - The Art of the Winds by Robert Shaw, page 213


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