French Pillar Candlestick

French Pillar Candlestick, Image 1

This candlestick is a variant of a large group of candlesticks referred to as French pillar candlesticks. The stick features a bold socket displaying prominent rings around the top and bottom and a small circular hole for wax extraction. The socket is above a variation form of a column which is above the circular low base. The base has a decorative circular incising. This example is of unusual form as the lower half of the column tapers downward and there is a squat inverted baluster below the column. Typical two-part construction: joined where the shaft pierces the raised center of the base.

Date: 16th Century

Measurement: Height: 10.75"

Material: Brass/base metal

Condition: Very good, underside where shaft pierced base has been peened facilitating tightening which is very common. There are two approximated .25-inch tears to edge of base that do not distract or compromise the aesthetic.


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