Advertising, Whale Smoking Tobacco & Drum Granulated Tobacco Pouches

"Whale Smoking Tobacco" Above View of a Whale and a Ship in the Distance... And a Drum Granulated Soft Pack [Never opened]

Advertising, Whale Smoking Tobacco & Drum Granulated Tobacco Pouches, Image 1

Colorful and very graphic label featuring a spouting whale, the other with a drum and sticks. Both pouches retain original contents.

Label displaying whale for "Factory No. 256 District of North Carolina" which belonged to the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. The pouch, retaining strap smoking tobacco federal tax stamp with displays an image of John Adams. The 16-ounce stamp is marked with the date of 1926.

The Drum pouch containing Old, Ripe Cured Leaf contains 2.5-ounces of tobacco. Early, sealed (never opened) soft pack style cloth pouch for American Tobacco Co.'s Drum brand (Early tax stamp).


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