Historic Transferware, Liverpool Jug, Plan City of Washington

Chain of States, Washington in Glory, America in Tears

Historic Transferware, Liverpool Jug, Plan City of Washington, Image 1

One side displays the transfer titles "PLAN OF THE CITY OF WASHINGTON", the reverse... a George Washington mourning scene, "WASHINGTON IN GLORY - AMERICA IN TEARS. Under the spout is displayed the "chain of states", 15 links inscribed with names of states centering owners' initials.

Date: 1800-1810

Measurement: Height: 11.5"

Material: Creamware

Condition: Appears to be in fine original condition

Reference: See Smith, Liverpool Herculaneum Pottery, figure 55. See, McCauley, page 129, number 265, and plate XXXII; page 90, number 65, and plate XXV; and page 107, number 153 and plate XXVIII. See Arman, W.44


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