Arnold Print Works Uncut Pillow Panel, Pug Puppies

Rare Cutout Patterns, North Adams, Massachusetts, Four adorable "Pug Puppies" designed to be cutout, sewn and stuffed

Arnold Print Works Uncut Pillow Panel, Pug Puppies, Image 1

The pattern and instructions are printed on the fabric, also displayed are the corporate seal and patent date of 1892; includes the front, back, and bottom of the dog's feet. The puppies feature two collar styles, one a red collar with bell: the other blue with bowknot.

Arnold Print Works was a Victorian manufacturing company. During the Civil War, the factory produced and supplied cloth for the Union Armies. After the war, the company produced printed fabrics and cut & sew dolls and animals. Celia Smith and her sister in-law Charity Smith of Ithaca, New York drew the designs for these patented toys. Arnold Print Works was one of the world's leading producers of printed textiles and maintained offices in New York City and Paris.

Instructions for assembly: cut out the pieces, stitch the front to the back, stuff it; cut a cardboard piece for the bottom and insert it before stitching the base in place. The cardboard enabled the toy to stand freely.

Uncut Arnold Print Works pieces are difficult to find. The borders are usually irregular whereas they were taken from a bolt of cloth. The printing and coloration are crisp, stippling produces shading.

Date: Circa 1892

Measurement: 24.5" x 18.75"... pups are 7.5"

Condition: The printing and coloration are crisp, stippling produces shading, fine condition.


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