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Political Leaders

Major General Zachary Taylor, American Troops in Battle, Painting
Anonymous, Circa 1847 to 1850

This heroic painting depicts Major General Zachary Taylor (on white horse) at the Battle of Buena Vista (22 - 23 February 1847). The background depicts troops advancing under cover of artillery while the foreground depicts Taylor and another mounted officer directing the battle. More artillery sets up on their flank. An officer shown with these artillerymen bears a strong resemblance to period depictions of Captain Braxton Bragg. It was the timely arrival of Bragg's "Flying Artillery" that saved the day for the Americans.

The artist used a considerable amount of glazing to render the background, as well as the faces and uniforms. This contributes to the remarkable depth and clarity of the painting. The color is superb, from the soft pinks and blues of the sky and the subtle browns and green of the undulating hills to the roiling smoke of the cannon and the nuanced shading of the wind-whipped flags. It is clear that the artist did not allow enough drying time between glazes; as a result there is a degree of craquelure across the surface of the painting. In spite of this, the painting is so well rendered and pleasing to look at that the craquelure blends into the background.

The painting, which measures 26" by 36", retains its original stretcher; the picture has been lightly cleaned; there is no other restoration; one tiny puncture at upper left that we will have expertly restored. The gold leaf frame is period and appropriate; however, we are not certain if it is original to the painting.



Richard Nixon Gift of China & Crystal Glassware, to Ambassador John P. Humes John Humes, Ambassador to Austria - Presidency of Richard Nixon (1969 – 1974) Old Ivory Syracuse China and Castleton Studios China; Unknown Maker of Glassware - SOLD

Formerly the property of John P. Humes, American ambassador to Austria; presidency of Richard Nixon (1969 – 1974). Lot contains 213 pieces of high quality presidentially gifted dinnerware and 92-pieces of stemware…each displaying the gold Great Seal of the United States [1904 coat of Arms]. The pieces served diplomatic functions at the American Embassy in Austria.

Included are three large tubs of ambassadorial scrapbooks, some blue with impressed gilt owners initials, “JPH and “JSH”, and “Vienna”; also, political and personal albums of the Humes family. Notable items include a signed letter from President Richard Nixon to Ambassador Humes, a signed letter from Henry Kissinger, and an autographed photograph of President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. There are many dozens of professional photographs documenting diplomatic events including, yet not limited to photographs of receptions at the American Embassy in Vienna, including President Nixon’s visit to Salzburg in the Spirit of ’76 airplane. Lot also includes full albums pertaining to the first SALT Conference on Disarmament in Vienna; also, the opening reception of the East West Trade Center, and a White House state dinner with President Gerald Ford in 1974. There are many handwritten guest lists, telegrams, briefings, and more, an instant achieve waiting for organization.

Presidential China

8” Salad Plates, 21

Cream soup bowls, 10

10.25” Dinner Plates, 9

Demitasse saucers, 9

9” Luncheon plates, 10

Demitasse cups, 5

Cream soup saucers, 10

Coffee cups, 5

Coffee saucers, 7

5.75” small bowls/sauce bowls, 10

Bread and butter plats, 9

Vegetable bowls, 2

12.5” chargers, 2

12” platter, 1

14” platter, 1

9.5” serving bowl, 1

Gravy boat, 1

Crystal Stemware

Champagnes, 23

Sorbet glasses, 14

Cordials, 12

White wine, 13

Red wine, 11

Conical wine, 9

Ice cream bowls, 10


952-9 - SOLD

Henry Clay Bronze Figure, Full Length Statuette, Thomas Ball, Boston, Modeled 1858
Thomas Ball (1819 to 1911) one of the leading sculptors of the post Civil War period
Charles Wynne Nichols (British/American, 1831 to 1903), after models by Thomas Ball
Signature (on lower back of drapery) T. Ball Sculp. Boston 1858 (H: 30")
Patent assigned to G.W. Nichols
A Fine and Rare Figure of a Great Statesman

Another example is in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, also the United States Senate Art Collection at the Capitol



Cigar Case; Papier Mache, Zachary Taylor on Horseback, Battle of the Rio Grande
Circa 1846 to 1850
Many images are generic; the portrait is named below the portrait

An outstanding cheroot case, "Taylor's Battle the Rio Grande", hand-painted scene of Taylor on horseback reviewing troops. There are three scratches through the arm and background, else fine. (5.5 by 3")



Profile Portrait...Watercolor on Wax
A Young Revolutionary Napoleon Bonaparte
Nineteenth Century

This image is believed to be a portrait of Napoleon as a young man. Done in wax with vibrant watercolor decoration, this is not the Napoleon with Roman emperor hairstyle as he is usually depicted, rather this is the young revolutionary Bonaparte. Mounted on a piece of watered silk and in a modern shadowbox frame. An outstanding piece remaining in very good condition, not examined out of frame. (Approximately 5-inches x 5-inches framed; wax portrait approximately 2.5-inches in length.)



Engraving, George Washington, Ne a Bridges-Creek, le 22 Fevrier 1732, Mort le 14 Decembre 1799
Undated, After Gilbert Stuart, Mounted in Gilt Frame

George Washington Engraving, With Gilt Frame, close up view

(Not examined out of frame; frame: 9.25 by 7.25”, sight-size: 7 by 5”)



George Washington Engraving, With Gilt Frame, entire view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

General Joshua Chamberlain
Late 19th Century - SOLD

As depicted...restored.
Frame: 33 x 39 inches;
View: 23.75 x 29.75 inches.

110-359 - SOLD

William Henry Harrison
Campaign Badge/Token
Circa 1840
Copper - SOLD

The obverse shows bust of Harrison in uniform facing left, 3 buttons, "MAJ. GEN. W. H. HARRISON / BORN FEB. 9 1773:" reverse shows log cabin with flag, cider barrel with pitcher on top, "THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE / THE HERO OF TIPPECANOE;" hole punched at 12 o'clock; very good + condition. Measures 1-inch in diameter.

110-310 - SOLD

Plaster Sculpture
George Washington
Commemorative - SOLD

As depicted, a pleasing example of GGW depicted in uniform; signed on reverse-"WASHINGTON 1732-1932."
Approximately 20-inches.

448-4 - SOLD

George Washington
Parian Bust, after Houdon
Circa 1860 - SOLD

As depicted, standing at 11.5-inches
And in fine condition; within interior of analogous base written in pencil is-"Christmas 1863".

333-87 - SOLD

Polychrome Wax Portrait
Frederick The Great - SOLD

Frederick II of Prussia (1712 - 1786), commonly known as Frederick the Great, reigned from 1750 - 1786, tinted profile wax portrait in a round fiberboard case with wallpaper on the bottom and colored German advertisement inside, there is tape around the outside of the case should be remounted, but the was portrait, other than some dust, is in very good condition. (Diameter: 3.5-inches.)

110-353 - SOLD

Rutherford B. Hayes
New Hampshire - SOLD

1876 New Hampshire handbill with engraved portraits of Rutherford B. Hayes and Vice Presidential candidate William A. Wheeler along with the names of five candidates for Presidential Electors; there is an engraving of a Revolutionary and Civil War soldier with the NH state seal, the Liberty Bell, a pair of shields marked 1776 and 1876 respectively, a banner with a patriotic slogan and Centennial, the engraving is signed Kilburn Engraver Boston; two folds, some light stains, no tears or holes. Measures 9.5-inches by 4-inches.

110-311 - SOLD

Grant and Colfax
Near mint...
Campaign Flag
Circa 1868 - SOLD

Red stripes with black lettering "GRANT AND COLFAX" and a blue field stenciled on cotton. Very good condition with strong colors and slight toning along a vertical centerfold as well as one or light spots, no holes, tears or repairs. (Approximately 20-inches by 17-inches framed, flag approximately 14.75-inches by 11.5-inches.)

232-80 - SOLD

Buckeye Centennial Folding Trade Card
With Harrison & Cleveland
Dated 1888 - SOLD

The card has a congressional map of Ohio, plus statistical information about Ohio.
Dimensions: 4 by 5.25-inches.

171-32 - SOLD

Garfield - Arthur Campaign
Brass Button
1880 Presidential Campaign - SOLD

Convex brass button with steel shank, embossed lettering "GARFIELD AND ARTHUR" 1880 campaign button, very good. - ¾-inch Diameter.

110-347 - SOLD

President Benjamin Harrison
Cast Iron Trivet - SOLD

Cast iron trivet with bust portrait of President Harrison framed by horseshoe raised on three feet. (4 .5-inches Wide x 5-inches Long x ¾-inches High.)

110-341 - SOLD

A Scarce Cast Iron Trivet
President Grover Cleveland Trivet - SOLD

Cast iron trivet with three-quarter profile portrait of President Grover Cleveland surrounded by a horseshoe raised on three feet. (4 .5-inches Wide x 5-inches Long x ¾-inches High)

110-342 - SOLD

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