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Weathervane, Whirligig Whimsy, Carved & Painted Crow, Sheet Iron Wings Unknown Maker, circa 1880-1920ish…unique

Wire feet clutching perch, bead eyes, great surface Please call for enthusiastic discussion.
(H: 10”, L: 16”, W: 7”)



Vintage Weathervane, Three Mast Sailing Ship,
Original Gilt & Verdigris Surface
Unknown Maker, Circa 1890-1920
Full body, corrugated sails

(L: 33”, H: 25”)



Weathervane, Northern Pike

Antique Weathervane, Northern Pike Fish, Gilt Surface, left side view

This highly stylized large copper weathervane measures 49-inches in length and is 11-inches in height. The surface is clean with only the most minor dings; gold leaf with traces of a yellow sizing.



Antique Weathervane, Northern Pike Fish, Gilt Surface, right side view
Antique Weathervane, Northern Pike Fish, Gilt Surface, with ruler for scale

Weathervane, Full Bodied Bull, Copper and Cast Zinc Head, Honest Surface
Anonymous, later 19th to Early 20th Century
Original surface including sizing, traces of gilt and verdigris

Antique Weathervane, Full Bodied Bull, Later 19th Century, Anonymous, angle view

(Missing horizontal tube and minor solder repairs; dent removed from haunch; H: 15.25", L: 22", W: 6")



Antique Weathervane, Full Bodied Bull, Later 19th Century, Anonymous, with ruler for scale
Antique Weathervane, Full Bodied Bull, Later 19th Century, Anonymous, head detail

Weathervane, Running Horse, Ethan Allen Flattened Full Body, Old Honest White Paint
Unknown Maker, Late 19th Century

Antique Running Horse Weathervane in Old Honest White Paint, Late 19th Century, facing right view

Molded copper with cast iron head, sheet copper mane, full bodied tail, old dry white paint over verdigris with vestiges of gilt. (22.75 by 31.5”)



Antique Running Horse Weathervane in Old Honest White Paint, Late 19th Century, facing left view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Weathervane, Rooster, Silhouette, Pierced Cutout Sheet Iron Unknown Maker, Likely the Local Blacksmith or Farmer, 19th Century - SOLD

This antique vane is mounted on a tapered octagonal cast iron post featuring an orb above four scrolled acanthus leaves in surface. (Overall height: 51.25"; height: 23"; width: 23.75")

928-91- SOLD

Weathervane, Prancing Horse, Zinc Head, Original Surface, Full Body
American, 19th Century
Verdigris surface with traces of mustard sizing - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Prancing Horse, Original Surface, 19th Century, angle view

(H: 23.25", L: 26.5", W: 2.5")

928-46 - SOLD

Weathervane, Rooster Perched on Orb above Arrow, Flattened Full Body, Mustard
Unknown Maker, Late 19th Century
When the barn was painted, this was painted - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Rooster on Orb and Arrow, Late 19th Century, Mustard Surface, facing left view

(Paint losses and flaking, tip of bottom flitch is missing, else very good, consistent with age and use; height on stand: 42", height of vane alone: 38", L: 37", D: 4.25")

928-43 - SOLD

Weathervane, Silhouette of Hunter and Deer, Old Paint, Campy
Fount in Adirondacks - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Hunter and Deer Silhouette, facing right view

(34 by 15.25")

1062-7 - SOLD

Cast Iron Running Horse
Anonymous - SOLD

Antique Weight, Running Horse, Cast Iron, entire view

A mold-cast form; very heavy, possible windmill weight, beautiful silhouette; perhaps inspired by weathervane form.
(Dimensions: 25.5 by 14")

336-103 - SOLD

Weathervane, Cow, Sheet Iron
Late 19th Century
Anonymous - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Cow, Sheet Iron, 19th Century, facing left view

A simple silhouette of two-ply iron riveted and stiffened by flat and rod iron; nice small size and color. (17.25" by 15.25")

665-2 - SOLD

Gabriel Weathervane
Sheet Iron And Paint
Circa 1880-1920 - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Angel Gabriel, Sheet Iron, Painted, entire view

Having no pretence...the painted surface is quite weathered and has developed a nice dry patina. Made of thin gauge iron with rod sandwiched between the vane and riveted back plates. (Height: 17-inches; height with rod: 32.5-inches; width: 26 5/8-inches.)

832-21 - SOLD

Horse and Rider Weathervane
Late 19th or early 20th Century
Sheet Iron - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Horse and Rider, Red Painted, entire view

Outstanding...and correct, this powerful silhouette in old red paint.
(Overall height: 34 inches; height: 29 inches; width: 25.5 inches.)

661-13 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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