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Snuff Bottle, Blown, Rectangular, Wide Mouth Utility with Concave Corners English or Possibly Connecticut, circa 1820-1840, Amber Toned Olive Green

Tooled flared mouth; lip is flattened and pulled outwards, not much of a neck to speak of. Nice shoulders, flattened panels, concave corners. (Very good condition. Height: 7")






Mini Demijohn, Flattened, Mold Blown, Dark Amber, 19th Century Squat Demijohn, Light Green Amber, Large Pontil Scar, Nice Color Applied tapered collar mouth

Height: 8.5"; width: 6"; depth: 4")




Storage Bottle, Cylindrical, Mold Blown, Olive Amber New England, Second Half 19th Century Squat Demijohn, Light Green Amber, Large English Type Basal, Pontil Scar, Nice Color Applied tapered collar mouth

(Height: 13.5"; diameter: 6.25")



Antique Pitcher, Pillar Molded, Colorless Lead Glass, Large Pear Shape Body United States (Pittsburgh) or Possibly England, Circa 1840s

American collectors have categorically assigned these glorious pieces to Pittsburgh; however, the technique was practiced in other glassmaking centers. Featuring twelve pronounced spiraled ribs (pillar molding) extending from the bottom to the rim; widely flared rim pulled out to form broad spout; applied strap handle, crimped and folded at the terminal. Projecting circular foot/base with polished pontil. Fine condition.



Cylinder Decanter, Mold Blown and Prismatic Cut,
Polished Pontil, Colorless Glass
Likely England or Ireland, Circa 1810-1820

The mushroom stopper appears to be original; there are a couple chips to stopper.
Height: 10.5".



Blown & Cut Colorless Glass Fluid Lamp, Oversized, Lavender Tint Unknown Maker, 19th Century

Prolonged exposure to sun causes color change.
Height: 12.5".



Sandwich Geometric Three-Mold Blown Colorless Pitcher, GIII-31 Massachusetts, 1825-45 - SOLD

Sandwich Geometric Three-Mold Blown Colorless Pitcher, GIII-31 Massachusetts, 1825-45

717-25 - SOLD

Blown Colorless Glass Punch Cup or Mug with Handles, Matched Pair
Nineteenth Century
Polished rims, pontil scars, applied handled with curled terminus

Antique Matched Pair of Blown Colorless Glass Punch Cups with Handles, 19th Century, pair view

(H: 2.75"; diameter: 2.25")



Free Blown White Marbrie Loop Decorated Decanter with Stopper
United States, Probably Pittsburgh, Circa 1850

Antique Free Blwon White Marble Loop Decorated Decanter, Circa 1850, entire view

(Excellent condition; H: 10”, H with stopper: 12”)



Antique Free Blwon White Marble Loop Decorated Decanter, Circa 1850, example

Flask; Bulltown Glassworks, Pictorial, GXIII-39, Sheaf of Wheat and Star, Pint
Bulltown, New Jersey, Circa 1845 to 1860

Antique Bulltown Glassworks Flask with Sheaf of Wheat and Star, Circa 1845, angle view 1

LITERATURE: American Bottles and Flasks and Their Ancestry by Helen McKearin and Kenneth Wilson, 1978.



Antique Bulltown Glassworks Flask with Sheaf of Wheat and Star, Circa 1845, angle view 2
Antique Bulltown Glassworks Flask with Sheaf of Wheat and Star, Circa 1845, spout detail
Antique Bulltown Glassworks Flask with Sheaf of Wheat and Star, Circa 1845, bottom detail

End of Day Glass Turtle Whimsy
Probably Stoddard, NH
1840 – 1870

Antique Small Aqua Demijohn with Tooled Lip and Rough Pontil, entire view

Amber turtle made from excess glass remaining in glassblowers’ pots. Color indicates possible origin. Poor turtle is missing its tail from past injury. Would make a friendly paperweight or collector piece. (Length: 6"; width: 3.5"; height: 2.5")



Small Aqua Demijohn, Tooled Lip, Whittle Marks, Rough Pontil

Antique Small Aqua Demijohn with Tooled Lip and Rough Pontil, entire view

(H: 10”)



Antique Small Aqua Demijohn with Tooled Lip and Rough Pontil, spout detail

Cylinder Wine Bottle, Tooled Lip, Medium Olive

Antique Cylinder Wine Bottle with Tooled Lip, Dutch, entire view

(H: 9.5”)



Antique Cylinder Wine Bottle with Tooled Lip, Dutch, spout detail
Antique Cylinder Wine Bottle with Tooled Lip, Dutch, bottom detail

Candlestick, Sandwich Glass

Blue and clambroth molded stick with hexagon base.
Overall very good condition with a few minor dings, nothing major.
Dimensions: 11" H.



Blown Glass Witch Ball, Sapphire Blue, Six Inch
Circa 1840 to 1860



Cake Stand, Antique Salver, Mold Blown, Colorless Flint Glass, Domed Base
American, Circa 1850ish

(H: 8.25"; diameter: 11.75")



Glass, Decanters, Cut Glass, 19th Century
Sold separately

Decanter, Cut Glass with Cut Stopper, Beautifully Cut, Great Stopper
Circa 1835
Not the original stopper, some small chips and cloudiness in base

Decanter, Sandwich, Matching Stopper, Guilloche, Plume, and Ribbing Pattern
Blown Molded, Clear Glass, Circa 1825 to 1835
Barlow and Kaiser-1338 (McKearin GV-14), no chips or cracks, some light cloudiness


Glass, Cake Stands, Salvers, Mold Blown
Sold separately

Cake Stand, Salver, Mold Blown Clear Flint Glass, Dome Base
Three Part Ringed Stem
Wheeling, West Virginia
Circa 1850

(H: 8.25"; diameter: 13")

Small Cake Stand, Salver, Mold Blown, Mold Blown Clear Flint Glass, Dome Base
Three Part Ringed Stem
Wheeling, West Virginia
Circa 1850

(H: 7"; diameter: 9.5")

Large Cake Stand, Salver, Mold Blown Clear Flint Glass, Dome Base
Three Part Ringed Stem
Wheeling, West Virginia
Circa 1850
(H: 8.25"; diameter: 13")


Glass, Candlesticks, Lamps, Plates
Sold separately

Background, left to right:
Dish, Lacy Sandwich Dish, Beehive and Thistle
Circa 1835 to 1855

Dimensions: 9.25 by 9.25".

Candelabra, Amethyst Shades

Dimensions: 19" H, 18.5" W, 5.5" D.

Staffordshire, Plate, Boston State House Transfer
Dimensions: 7.5" diameter.

Foreground, left to right:
Bowl, Art Glass Bowl, Peacock Blue, Blown - SOLD
Dimensions: 3.75" H.

Pomade Jar, Bear Form, Black Amethyst
Possibly Boston and Sandwich
Circa 1850 to 1887
Fine condition. 3.75" H.

Candy Dish, Bull's Eye and Diamond Point
New England Glass Company

Dimensions: 9" H.

Top Hat, Blown Mold Glass
Dimensions: 2.5" H.

Lamp, Fluid Lamp, Sandwich Glass
Circa 1860

Dimensions: 5.75" H.
875-3 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Pair, Canary Glass - SOLD
Dimensions: 7" H.

Wine Glasses and Candlesticks
Sold separately

Top row, left to right:
Wine Glass, Blown, Folded Rim Foot
(H: 3.75")

Wine Glass, Blown, Miniature, Tasting or Toy
New England
Early 19th Century
(H: 2.5")

Bottom row:
Candlesticks, Pewter, Pair
Possibly French
Bobeche, tapered socket and knopped stem above dished base. Marked with cast disk displaying angel-like figure holding sword. (H: 5.75"; base diameter: 5.5")

Glass, Bottles, Snuff, Ink, Flask
Sold separately

Left to right:
Blown Rectangular Snuff Bottle, Beveled Edges, Olive Amber
Tooled Flared Mouth, Pontil Scar
New England, probably Stoddard, Connecticut

Dimensions: 4" H.

Blown Bottle, Medium Amber, Impressed Lyre, Fine Condition, Great Color
Circa 1870
A mold blown example with improved pontil; laid-on ring finish with "slop over" under applied ring; H: 8.75".

Ink Bottle, Keene, Blown Three Mold, Cylindrical
Marlboro Street Glassworks
Keene, New Hampshire
1820 to 1840

Flask, Blown, Original Stopper, Nailsea Type
Amber and white swirl, ground pontil, fine
1840 to 1850

Flask, Chestnut, Amber Green, Free Blown, Applied Collared Mouth
New England
1780 to 1830
Applied lip with smooth chip (in-making?), pontil scar
Dimensions: 5" H.

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Beaker, Bohemian, Sulfide Portrait, Possibly Friedrich Wilhelm III
Possibly by the Prussian Glasshouse of Count Harrach, Neuwelt, Circa 1830
The sulphide may be after a medal made by Leonhard Posch - SOLD

Antique Glass Beaker with Sulfide Portrait, Possibly Friedrich Wilhelm III, Circa 1830, angle view

The beaker with a flared rim features faceted sides, and a faceted footed base. A large faceted star is opposite the sulphide portrait. Centering the sulphide and the star, are four cross-cut panels; two on each side. The base displays alternating star and cross-cuts panels. The beaker stands 5 5/8 inches tall and has a 3.75 inch diameter at the flared top. There are a few chips to feet. (H: 5.75”)

1121-24 - SOLD

Blown Emerald Green Glass, Stemmed Wine Glasses, Set of Eight, Rough Pontil
Likely English, 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Set of Eight Emerald Green Blown Glass Wine Glasses, 19th Century, group view

(One is slightly different, married to the set, H: 5”)

659-114 - SOLD

Smith’s Perpetual Calendar Inkstand, Inkwell, Patented 1882, Only Known in Aqua
Patented by J. G. Smith of Cleveland, Ohio, on April 11, 1882; SCARCE - SOLD

Antique Perpetual Calendar Inkstand/Inkwell, Patented 1882, entire view

(Single tiny area or roughness to edge of mouth rim; small flake to slightly projecting foot molding, else fine; 3.5 by 2.25”)

1121-16 - SOLD

Make-do Goblet with Mining Scenes, Fine and Rare
Nuremberg, 1680 to 1700
An early superbly engraved masterpiece of glass blowing with history - SOLD

Antique Make-do Goblet with Mining Scenes, Nuremberg, 1680 to 1700, entire view

This early blown wineglass suffered the loss of its foot which was replaced with a silver substitute. The wine itself is a superb example of late seventeenth century blown and engraved glass from Nuremberg. The piece features three hollow knops each separated by three wafers, and a generous bowl engraved with open pit mining scenes. A coat of arms is engraved in the front and is believed to be the arms of one of the Counts of Mansfeld. The foot is hand hammered silver and bears the name Mansfeld and the date 1530. (Also, in tiny font, “A.E. 12”) The foot was likely made during the late 18th or early 19th century. Mansfeld Germany was noted for copper and silver mining for 800 years; Kupferschiefer was the principle mineral; the ore was reached via open mine shafts as depicted on the bowl. This 10.5-inch goblet was likely made to commemorate the successful mining endeavors of one of the Mansfeld families. Fine condition.

745-115 - SOLD

Glass, Bottles, Blown, Molded
Sold separately

Left to right:
Black Glass Globular Utility Bottle
Circa 1790 to 1820
An attractive bottle in very good condition
(Dimensions: 12")

Blown and Molded Decanter, Colorless, GIII-2, Type 2, Embossed Gin
Attributed to Brooklyn Flint Glass Works
Circa 1820 to 1840
Rare mold, beautiful and strong embossing, fine condition
The flared-mouth is rolled inward and is complete with period and appropriate swirled ball stopper; pontil scar, quart with plain base having rough pontil mark.
Recent scholarly discovery assigns this pattern to the Brooklyn Glass Works rather than the traditionally ascribed Mount Vernon Glass Works, Vernon, New York. (And others) (H: 10.5")

Free Blown Globular Utility Bottle, Aqua, Pennsylvania
Probably Pittsburgh District, New Geneva
Circa 1800 to 1830
Very good condition; H: 12"

Sealed Cylindrical Bottle, Sir William Strickland Bart, 1809
Olive green, string lip, kicked-up bottom, minimal iridescence only at base under seal with all else fine. (H: 10.5")

Blown Colorless Large Ale Glass, Funnel Shape Bowl, Trumpet, Bubble Stem, Rough Pontil, Folded Foot Rim
Unknown Maker; Leaded Glass, Georgian - SOLD

Antique Blown Colorless Ale Glass with Funnel Shaped Bowl, Georgian, entire view

(Fine condition; H: 9.5")

110-737 - SOLD

Pair of Brilliant Cut Glass Decanters, Colognes with Stoppers, Russian Pattern, Star Cut Base
Unknown Maker, High Quality, Sharp Deep Cutting; glows lime green under black light - SOLD

Antique Pair of Cut Glass Decanters with Star Cut Bases, angle view

(Scattered chips, chips to base of one stopper; H: 7.5")

570-505 - SOLD

Free Blown Colorless Glass Ale Pitcher, Engraved, Harps and Barley
Wheel Engraved, F. Sanderson
Circa 1850 to 1870
Anonymous, possibly Pittsburgh - SOLD

A free-blown bulbous pitcher with applied raised circular foot having a folded rim and solid glass handle with scrolled terminus; pontil scar. (Dimensions: 9.5" H.)

784-1 - SOLD

Blown Glass Storage Jars, Apothecary Jars
Painted, Japanned and Tin Lids
Lot of Sixteen, including rare small sizes
19th Century - SOLD

Pushed-up bottoms with pontil scars; clear and aquamarine; remaining labels read "Crawley Root" and "Emery". Dimensions: sizes range from 4.25" H and 3" diameter to 12.5" H and 5.5" diameter.

201-340 - SOLD

Antique Syllabub Glasses, Set of Eight with Gadrooned Bases
Footed, Clear, Flint - SOLD

Excellent condition.
Dimensions: height 4 inches.

384-36 - SOLD

Blown Molded Steigel Type Footed Bowl
Diamond Pattern, amethyst color
18th or Early 19th Century - SOLD

A nicely formed possibly American Steigel type pattern bowl with applied circular foot in amethyst. Pontil scar; 13-diamond mold. The bowl is in fine condition and measures: height: 2.75 inches; diameter: 4.5 inches.

727-1 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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