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Kazak Rug
Date/Period: 1910-1920 - SOLD

Kazak Rug, entire view

Measurement: 51" x 84"

Material: Wool

Condition: Displays well, good color; selvedge and fringe was reinforced; one end with
four tight 2 to 3-inch repairs…the other end with 5 tight 4 to 5-inches repairs; midsection
with 2 tight 18-inch repairs. The noted repairs appear to be professionally executed.



Antique Seichour Oriental Rug, Bidjov Design
Date/Period: Second half of 19th century

Antique Seichour Oriental Rug, Bidjov Design, entire view

Measurement: 3'10" x 6'11"

Material: Wool

Condition: Very good overall

Additional Information: A rare artistically rendered antique example featuring
polychrome “tortoise" medallions and overall Bidjov design. The polychrome medallions
are on a dark indigo field, filled with diminutive animals, human figures, stars, and
tarantula devices. The rug is woven with an ivory border of floral filled urns, the brick red
guard stripe displays snowflake symbols. The rug retains even pile and vibrant color
with strong yet supple palette.



Serab Rug, Camel Hair, Northwest Persia
Date/Period: Circa 1900

Serab Rug, Camel Hair, Northwest Persia, entire view 1

Measurement: 43" x 69"

Material: Wool, camel hair

Condition: Minor crease wear to center of large medallion, some fringe fray; minor
selvedge wear…all age and use imperfections, this sophisticated rug displays



Tekke Turkoman Rug
Date/Period: 1920-1970

Tekke Turkoman Rug, entire view

Measurement: 51" x 77"

Material: Wool and silk

Condition: Fine

Additional Information: A closely related rug is depicted and discussed in Elena
Tsareva’ s book “Rugs and Carpets from Central Asia”. Page 60, Illustration 29. [Elena
actually examined this rug] (Penguin Book ISBN 014 00 6369 2 and, Allen Lane ISBN 0
7139 1504 8)
When Tekke people moved to Persia in the 1920s, they discovered new materials
and dyes, which were not available in Turkestan, and they successfully combined new
and better materials with the traditional design and skillful workmanship, resulting in
beautiful rugs with bight, eye popping colors, but still in the shades of red typical of
traditional Turkoman rugs and carpets.
Elena Tsareva noted the unusual foundation of this rug, which she thought might be raw
silk, and the bright “pigeon blood” color. She also commented on the exceptionally good
condition of this rug, and it’ s tight weave.



Turkish Rug, Southwest Anatolia
Date/Period: Circa 1920

Turkish Rug, Southwest Anatolia, entire view

Measurement: 45" x 82"

Material: Wool

Condition: Wear to selvedge and fringe



Rug, Lori Pambak Kazak, Northwest Persia
Date/Period: 1895-1915

Rug, Lori Pambak Kazak, Northwest Persia, entire view

Measurement: 35" x 42"

Material: Wool

Condition: Selvedge with minor losses, moderate scattered pile wear, overall good



CARPET, Mohan Runner of Heriz Design
Northwest Persia
Date/Period: 1st to 3rd quarter of 20th century

CARPET, Mohan Runner of Heriz Design Northwest Persia, entire view

Measurement: 3'-1" x 10'-7"

Material: Wool

Condition: Very good to fine condition; light overall wear, newly replaced fringe

Additional Information: A very pleasing example that exhibits the strongest design
elements of Caucasian rugs. The rug features a central row of nine Arabesque, latch
hook, and tarantula medallions on a blue-black field. The colors are strong and vivid.
Rather than a main border, the rug is woven with three guard stripes of floral design.
Color palette is very strong with light overall wear and newly replaced fringe. Selvage



Vintage Caucasian Bag Face, Prewar
Great on chair seat or as table mat
Date/Period: Circa 1920 SOLD

Vintage Caucasian Bag Face, Prewar Great on chair seat or as table mat, entire view 1

Measurement: 18.5" x 14.5"

Material: Wool

Condition:Good color and knap, wear to selvedge scattered minor imperfections.



Vintage Caucasian Bag Face, Prewar Great on chair seat or as table mat, entire view 2

Turkeman-style Wool Rug Persian, 19th century

Antique Oriental Rug, Red and Blue, entire view

Approx. 45” x 50”



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