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Founded in 1983, Antique Associates at W Townsend, Inc. is a brick and mortar Antiques, Art and Arms Broker and Dealer Host, firmly rooted in our original location at 473 Main St, W. Townsend, Mass. Open Weds - Sunday except major holidays, 10:00-5:00, and 24/7/365 on the Web. Our sales and office staffs are available by email, phone or fax Weds-Sun or by chance. Names, numbers and details can be found on our Contact Us page.

AAAWT brokers only authentic antiques, folk art, antique arms, and other premium material, all sourced from local estates, private collections, stashed dealer stock, and exceptional single examples. Our consignors include Estate Representatives, Private Collectors, Recent Converts, Antiques Dealers, Single Owners, and more, who collectively number in the 100s at any given time. We concurrently host an exceptional mix of iconic dealer-tenants, each with a specialty in one of many categories of material at the advanced levels of collecting.

Our business focus and structure is aimed to compete directly with the Auction Venue. Our Brokerage Programs offer No-Risk, High Value options, with Fixed % and Net Return being our most popular, although there is some degree of individualization in every contract. While offering substantially more for the money in services, item guarantees, personal attention, photography, transportation, hi-tech applications and more, including our Best in Class Web Site, our gross margins are a mere fraction of our competitors. We do it better. We do it for less. Without exception, we guarantee value and produce results.

While some auction houses are great, some are not. We recognize a competent auction venue as a valuable outlet in the Antiques Trade, yet we believe that AAAWT offers many unique and valuable considerations which are not often found with auctions. Following are just a few of the Key Issues:

  1. AAAWT provides a written guarantee via our online Sales Policy. Do you know of any auction house providing product guarantees? Have you ever tried to return an auction purchase because it did not meet your expectations when it arrived at your home?
  2. We do not publish, divulge, or provide prices realized, buyers or sellers names, or any other key data to any of the plethora of free and subscription data bases specializing in online prices of all major auction results. Dealers and resellers will appreciate the value of confidentiality.
  3. Our clients are paid on time and in full, and per agreement.
  4. Our clients have the last say in the final sale price. We do not discourage minimum net prices or reserves, in fact, we encourage them. We also pass on Fair Offers so the seller has the last option.
  5. AAAWT does not sell, trade, or misuse your personal information. Our Advance Notice Program is 100% voluntary.
  6. AAAWT's cost structure provides a lower cost as a % of the actual sale price, which is the amount on the check that the buyer pays with. Check out our math page. You may find yourself amazed at the disparity.
  7. We Add Value, Not Costs. To our knowledge, AAAWT's gross margins are the lowest in the trade, and we do not get paid unless we produce.

For the Buyer, we add equal value. Not only do we provide a guarantee through our published Sales Policy, we will work with you to build your collection. We offer 4-6000 items at any one time, and offer discounts to retail buyers and antique dealers alike. Our Layaway programs will help buyers at all levels obtain that perfect item, and we will work with your specific situation. Our inventory turns quickly, so the opportunities are many, and you will not find better service anywhere. In this economy, some sellers are highly motivated, so do not be afraid to make a Fair Offer. You may get lucky!

One very Important note. In all AAAWT transactions, our goal is to create a fair trade. We do NOT attempt to sell a 10 dollar item for 100 dollars, or a 100 dollar item for 10 dollars. For sellers or buyers wishing to hit the lottery, we recommend lottery tickets.

The role of a broker is to bring together a willing seller, willing buyer, offer proper time for each party to assess the deal, come to a meeting of the minds, and effect the transaction. Every deal requires a meeting of the minds, and we are experts at bringing that conclusion. While Win-Win may be old terminology, we feel that it will always be the best measure of success. Our bottom line goal is both happy seller and happy buyer. We are the best solution for anyone wishing to optimize their buying or selling results, with absolutely no-risk to any party.

Be sure to Inquire about our Various Brokerage Programs and Tools, or let us tailor a program to fit your needs or situation! Or, allow us to help you build your collection or restock your shop. We are a value added solution to both buyer and seller!

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Shop Hours: Open Weds- Sunday 10am - 5pm, except for major holidays.

Web Site: Open 365 Days a Year, 24 Hours a Day, with very quick turnaround for most inquiries! WWW.AAAWT.COM

Call or write with any questions, or browse the information links found on toolbars of each page. We have a new online E-Consignment package available for the asking.

Thanks for visiting. We will look forward to working with you soon.

All the best,

The Team at Antique Associates at W Townsend.