Virginia Manufactory 1st Model Musket, Original Configuration & Condition

1802 – First year of manufacture

Virginia Manufactory 1st Model Musket, Original Configuration & Condition

The lockplate with flat face, beveled edges and pronounced
teat at rear of plate is signed. Stamped “VIRGINIA” in Roman capitals between hammer and frizzen spring beneath which is displayed in script letters “Manufactory”. Stamped vertically at rear of lockplate is found “RICHMOND” above date “1802”. Stamped on the top of rear barrel band in very small font is the date “1812” likely added when the gun was put back is service for War of 1812. The gooseneck cock with flat face and beveled edges terminate in a modified curl; cap screw is pierced and slotted. The flash pan with rounded bottom and fenced to rear is integrally forged to backplate.
The ramrod with button head is correct. We, nor highly respected scholar/authors do not know of another example date “1802”. This is an extremely rare musket remaining in a most high state of originally.

Item Date: 1802

Measurement: Overall: 59", barrel length: 44", .72-caliber

Material: Walnut stock

Item Condition: Excellent original condition, minor small wood chipping at barrel tang; stock looks to have never been cleaned. Barrel displays mostly smooth brown color. Action is tight and smooth. Original flintlock remaining in scarcely encountered untouched condition.


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