Seventeenth Century Embroidery, The Expulsion of Hagar & Ishmael

By Abraham, English

Seventeenth Century Embroidery, The Expulsion of Hagar & Ishmael

17th century embroidered panel, English, depicting the biblical story of the banishment of Hagar and Ishmael by Abraham. Finely wrought featuring a lion, leopard, stag; birds, butterflies, snails and other critters… at lower right is a fishpond with a frog and fish. Beautiful flowers, fruited trees, and a well populate the colorful hillocks. There is nary any negative space in this composition. A wonderful work closely following known prints and paintings of the period.

Item Date: Second half of the seventeenth century

Estimated Year: 1650

Measurement: Frame: 22.5" x 17.5"; view: 18" x 13"

Material: Polychromed silk thread

Item Condition: Excellent, likely the original frame and strainer

Reference: English Embroideries by Mary M. Brooks, page 34, catalog 5. Also, Catalog of Embroideries [Lady Lever Art Gallery] by Xanthe Brooke; pp. 42, 23 and 44.

Price: $9,300

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