Rare Half Size Handled Mallet Black Glass Carafe

Rare Half Size Handled Mallet Black Glass Carafe

Very rare English half-size mallet with handle. Free blown black glass (mid olive green) unusual with applied scrolled and thumbpiece handle. Deep kickup with sand pontil. Sagged base. Short tapering sides to rounded swooping shoulders into long tapering neck (with great lean to the right). Snapped-off fire-smoothed lip with tooled pouring lip. Full original surface sheen. Rarely seen for sale.

Item Date: 1730's

Measurement: 7" to the top of the handle; 4.4" base diameter

Material: Glass

Item Condition: It has ubiquitous cracks where the handle joins body, however the handle has never been detached. An L-shaped crack to body near bottom handle attachment is approximately .5" long in total (some of which is hidden behind join). The crack near upper handle attachment is J-shaped and about 0.7" across to left of handle join (and goes through it where is can't be seen) then to top of lip. Half the length of these cracks is hidden by the handle joins; the bottle is otherwise excellent.

Date Added: November 25, 2023

Price: $6,400

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