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Porcelain, Lidded Vegetable Serving Dish

Purportedly Celebrating Abolition Act of 1833 Worcester Porcelain Company and Chamberlain & Co. Factory (English, 1786-1852)

Porcelain, Lidded Vegetable Serving Dish

Hand painted portrait profile of black man centered within belt displaying motto “ASGRE LAN DIOGEL EI PHERCIIEN” meaning [translated from Welsh] “A good conscience is the best shield” as translated from a Herbert family serving piece; intended to be a critique of slavery. The family commissioned porcelain tableware [a symbol of wealth] celebrating the passing of the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 in Great Britain and most British colonies.

Over the years we have seen less than a half-dozen pieces, mostly dishes. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Art Museum displays a covered sauce tureen from this service in their exhibit Finding Slavery in a Campus Art Museum – Past and Present.

Item Date: Circa 1833

Measurement: Height: 6"; width: 13"; depth: 9.75"

Material: Porcelain, enamel, gold gilt

Item Condition: Fine original condition

Price: $1,950

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