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Pair, Hepplewhite Side Chairs, Original Condition

Norfolk, Litchfield County, CT

Pair, Hepplewhite Side Chairs, Original Condition

The unique design employed by the maker is uncommon in 18th century Connecticut furniture. The flaring stiles combine effectively with the flowing curves and delicate piercing of the cross rails. The absence of stretchers, and diminutive proportions suggest a date of about 1800. The chair was found in Norfolk, where it had been owned for many years.

Item Date: Circa 1800

Measurement: Height: 37.75"; seat height: 16.5"; width: 19"; depth: 15.5"

Material: Cherry, white pine, painted, red stain

Item Condition: Fine original condition.

Reference: The seat rails are tenoned through the back posts, a characteristic shared with a matched chair published in Litchfield County Furniture published by The Litchfield County Historical Society for an exhibition held in 1969; pages 26 and 27.

Price: $3,950

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