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Oak Tree Shilling

Oak Tree Shilling

The catalog is Noe #5, and Crosby 2-D. It is a rarity 2 example. Weight 4.5 G, smoky gray, attractive toning, no apparent damage.

This is a very fine example of an Oak Tree Shilling – the variety with “in” at the bottom (in Massachusetts). The catalog is Noe #5, and Crosby 2-D. It is a rarity 2 example. The diagnostics for Noe 5 are that the lowest branches of the Oak Tree curve upwards. The obverse and the reverse are off center, as usual. There is die failure at the lower right, which eventually led to the dies being unusable.

This example is not as nice as lot #23 in Stack’s, January 2002, Sale of Massachusetts Silver. Lot 23 realized $8300, but it showed more detail than this piece. Lot 24 in the same sale (also an Oak Tree, Noe 5) realized $5750. Our example is stronger, however, some of the lettering runs off the flan [planchet] on both sides.

Even though rarity 2 [501 to 1,250 extant] examples are available, all Oak Tree Massachusetts silver is scarce, and this example is a fine specimen.

Item Date: Struck Circa 1665 [even though dated 1652]


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