Mourning Picture, Alexander Hamilton… Founding Father, Patriot - Antique Associated At West Townsend

Mourning Picture, Alexander Hamilton… Founding Father, Patriot

Sacred to the Memory of Alexander Hamilton – 1804

Mourning Picture, Alexander Hamilton… Founding Father, Patriot

An extremely rare mourning picture, the composition depicting two young ladies wearing black, one lady clutching a blue flag on pole, the child in blue weeping before an elaborate monument to alexander Hamilton. The monuments inscription reads, “Sacred to the Memory of ALEXANDER HAMILTON who died June 12th, 1804”. At the right of the monument, in the distance is a smaller monument inscribed “To the Immortal Washington”.

The oval cartouche is surmounted with a panoply featuring an eagle clutching a scroll with gold stars, fasces, quiver of arrows; tomahawk and spear; olive branches with berries, acorns… the panoply issuing blue foliage [also seen at the base].

Five years have not lapsed since
your tears flowed for the father of your
Country… And you are again called to
shed them over her eldest sons.
The urn which bore the ashes of Washington
is followed by the Urn which bears the ashes of Hamilton.
Hamilton we will cherish thy memory as we will embalm thy fame…
Fare the well
Thou unparallel man
Farewell forever

Item Date: 1804

Measurement: Frame: 20.25" x 20"; View: 16.75" x 17"

Material: Watercolor on paper

Item Condition: The piece displays well, strong color. There are scattered tears and losses that were long-ago repaired, most imperfections are at the top border, some at bottom border; two very tight tears within cartouche [all are approximated]. The rarity, strong color and powerful composition outweigh imperfections.


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