Massachusetts Militia Musket, Private Issue, Worcester County

Likely made by Asa Waters, extremely rare and beautiful inlaid eagle silver thumb piece , Asa Waters II (1769-1841), Millbury, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Militia Musket, Private Issue, Worcester County

Cherry stocked, great color and patina, silver wire inlay around the amazing engraved eagle thumbpiece, engraved trigger guard, side plate and butt plate. Overall condition including barrel
and mechanics is excellent. All six-barrel key escutcheons are silver. The unidentified engraver is known to have worked on several Worcester County guns in this period, his work appears quite regularly. The lock plate is marked “ALLPORT / late with / Ketland & Co.” (William Allport
of Birmingham, England worked with Ketland until 1817 and died in 1823 which makes this gun easy to date.)

Asa Waters II (1769-1841) located in Millbury, Massachusetts made contract muskets for the Commonwealth and later for the US Government. This is a private issue Militia Musket, much too fancy to have been ordered by the Commonwealth, likely it was made for an officer as a lightweight fusil. It has a bayonet lug front sight.

Item Date: Circa 1817-1823

Measurement: .69 caliber, 40-inch barrel

Date Added: July 12, 2020

Price: $6,950

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