Kas, Two-part Kast, Hempstead, New York, Outstanding Surface

Kas, Two-part Kast, Hempstead, New York, Outstanding Surface

Hempstead shop traditions include moldings, distinctive glyphs, and the solid applied diamond ornaments on base. The feet display stylized elements and proportions… the knob surmounting flattened balls [disc shape] and the conical pads below the balls are of exaggerated proportions and are closely related to other Hempstead kasten. The interior features two full and one half-depth shelves and a single drawer beneath the middle shelf. Lower case contains a pair of short drawers.

Item Date: 1750-1770

Estimated Year: 1760

Measurement: Height: 77", cornice: 67" X 22.5", case: 55.5 X 17"; base: 58" X 18".

Material: Gumwood and pine

Item Condition: Very good, outstanding originality including surface, brasses, pivot hinges; glyphs, platform feet, and moldings.

Reference: See, American Kasten - The Dutch-Style Cupboards of New York and New jersey, 1650-1800 (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1991) Peter M. Kenny, Frances Gruber Safford, Gilbert T. Vincent, pp. 62-63, catalog 14.

Price: $24,000

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