Journal: Nathan P. Ames Observes Arms Making in Europe, Personally Kept MS - Antique Associated At West Townsend

Journal: Nathan P. Ames Observes Arms Making in Europe, Personally Kept MS

Notes on ordinance, weapons in the French Army Museum including drawings. Heavy dental expenses are recorded which led to his untimely death. Personal expenses, the voyage and much more… not just another Ames ledger.

Journal: Nathan P. Ames Observes Arms Making in Europe, Personally Kept MS

“Memorandum Made in Europe 1840” Journal book personally kept by N.P. Ames during his well-known European trip of 1840 penned in an extremely neat, small, easily read hand [ink]. The front 8 pages are a lengthy account of his May 7 to June 1 of ocean voyage… New York to London. With rough passage; uncomfortable nights; many fine observations of ship and sea life… “spent an uncomfortable night, slept on a sofa to get rid of cargo noise caused by bales & boxes rubbing when ship rolled”. “Had hoped to get the famed “Great Western” but unable & took a smaller packet boat”.

IMPORTANT: 18 pages at back titled, “Memorandum Made in Europe 1840” with lengthy highly detailed notes on “limitations of brass & iron ordinance for British service”. Also, much about “mortars, howitzers; details of their mfr. Proof casting, flaws”. Information regarding “preserving iron ordnance from rust & corrosion/ingredients for casting… shell dimensions for British service; windage variances; fine details on new percussion small arms of British service (with dimensions, wt., powder charges, etc.) & “pistol & musket for sea service details. Details of materials used on gun carriages; also, “New Pattern Howitzer & Machine Used For Getting Form Of Bore” with very fine pen and ink drawing; lengthy discussion and fine drawing of a special press/ram for forging parts. There are 6 extremely interesting pen/ink drawings of edged weapons in French Army Museum. Ames lists on 6 pages at center of journal expenses of trip; very revealing! Purchases of swords, instruments, castings, military manuals, and CUTLERY FROM FAMED ROGERS & SON, Sheffield. Especially intriguing are his very costly expenses for dental work in London and 2 extremely high doctor’s bills. It was that dental work in London that was the start of his physical and medical decline resulting in his death. This is a unique account with so much more information than mentioned above. We have sold many Ames manuscripts, documents, and letters over-the-years… this MS is not “just another” … it is special. Ex. Norm Flayderman

Item Date: 1840-1841

Measurement: 7.5" by 9"

Material: Marble board quarter leather covers, MS, Ink

Item Condition: Scuffed, worn but very sound

Reference: See The Ames Sword Company by John Hamilton, page 131.

Price: $6,350

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