Flintlock Long Fowler, A Pure American Example - Antique Associated At West Townsend

Flintlock Long Fowler, A Pure American Example

Southern Worcester County or Northern Rhode Island, Possibly By Welcome Matthewson

Flintlock Long Fowler, A Pure American Example

This fowler is almost completely original missing only one lock screw and a small sliver of wood has been replaced in front of the frizzen. The .60-caliber triple-wedged barrel is 52.5″ long (octagonal to six-sided to round). The gun is 5’9″ long overall. The overall condition, color and patina are wonderful; the ash ramrod appears to be original. This style flintlock is absolutely typical of southern Worcester County and northern Rhode Island. The butt stock architecture indicates the 18th century rather than 19th century. Fully stocked in cherry with elegant drop, comfortable wrist and incised raised molding on both rammer and barrel channels; silver wire inlay between tang and forend of comb. Rocker engraving on tang and barrel flat at breech. Brass trigger guard with pineapple forend and long tang; brass rammer pipes; brass sideplate, and butt-plate with long shaped tang; guard, sideplate and butt-plate are engraved.

Possibly by Welcome Matthewson, known for the most beautiful flintlock long arms in Rhode Island), or perhaps his father, thought to be G. Matthewson or John Matthewson, an 18th century maker. The style of this rifle and of Matthewson’s rifles in general indicates that he probably apprenticed in the Sutton, Massachusetts area (later Millbury) possibly with Silas Allen, Asa Waters or Nathaniel Whitmore. For information about G. Matthewson, John Matthewson and Welcome Matthewson see Rhode Island Arms Makers & Gunsmiths by William O. Achtermeier.

Item Date: Late 18th Century

Price: $7,200

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