English Sealed Bottle marked J/ Braddon/Bre: Rule

Squat cylinder, wide body, olive green, tapering neck, tooled lip, string rim

English Sealed Bottle marked J/ Braddon/Bre: Rule

While this bottle is marked J Braddon Bre Rule for Bridge Rule, Devonshire, where the family had a small estate, their primary residence was in Treglith, Treneglos in Cornwall.

Item Date: 1789-1790

Estimated Year: 1790

Measurement: Height: 9 1/8", Base Diameter: 4 3/8"

Material: Freeblown glass

Item Condition: Excellent with minor concretions on shoulder.

Literature: See David Burton's book, "Antique Sealed Bottles - and the families who owned them - 1640-1900", page 1054 for discussion of this bottle.

Price: $2,585

SKU 843-497

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