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Delft Merryman Plates, Assembled Set of Six

Delft Merryman Plates, Assembled Set of Six

An assembled set, probably Dutch made for the English market, the centers painted in tones of blue; dishes 3 and six in blue and manganese. All dishes display a crown above and an angel head and tassels below, the elaborate scrollwork cartouche is flanked by winged demi-griffins. Each dish is inscribed with one line from the popular verse, the lines individually numbered from 1 to 6.

The verse is written in an archaic script can be read as:

1 What is a merry man
2 Let hem doe all what he kan
3 to entertaine his gefts
4 with wine & merry jesst
5 but if his wyfe doth frowne
6 All meriment goes downe

Item Date: Late 17th Century

Measurement: Diameter: 8.25" to 8.5"

Material: Delftware

Item Condition: Dish 1 is restored (crack and large chip), dish 5 was repaired with staples which are only seen on the back... otherwise typical rim chips.

Price: $11,500

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