Creepers, Miniature Andirons, Large Penny Feet, Button Finials

Creepers, Miniature Andirons, Large Penny Feet, Button Finials

Finely crafted and finished small iron dogs of which the pair was placed between full size irons. According to Henry Kauffmann “they kept parts of larger parially burned timbers from dripping onto the hearth, thus increasing the draft for the fire. Examples are very rare today”
See, The American Fireplace, Chimneys, Mantlepieces & Accessories by Henry J. Kauffmann, page 238.
Early 17th centruy inventories list creepers, see page 9 of Iron and Brass Implements of the English House by J. Seymour Lindsay, where also written is: “the use of creepers with andirions was common, however it isi a fact that very few examples have survived”.
Published within Antique Iron-Survey of American and English Forms by Herbert, Peter, and Nancey Schiffer, page 132: Sleepers or very small andirions were made to support kindling; larger ones, over six inches, may have been fire tool rests; smallest onew were like toys for children or samples for a blacksmith to show a potential customer. These are very rare and collectable, Jame Sober.

Item Date: Early 18th Century

Measurement: Height: 6.75"; width: 6.25"; depth: 5.5"

Material: Wrought, cast, and files iron

Item Condition: Very good

Price: $995

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