CONNECTICUT ARMS & MFG. Co. Bulldog Pistol .44 Rimfire Deringer - Antique Associated At West Townsend

CONNECTICUT ARMS & MFG. Co. Bulldog Pistol .44 Rimfire Deringer

RARE Lifesaving Line Throwing Kit, Factory Wooden Case, 27 Blanks & Box

CONNECTICUT ARMS & MFG. Co. Bulldog Pistol .44 Rimfire Deringer

A very rare Life-Saving Rescue pistol complete with original Wooden transit case. These pistols were used to send lines to boaters or swimmers in distress. Within the remarkably complete box are 27 original rounds of .44 rimfire “H” marked blanks, also a single nickel-plated line dart. A .44 caliber rimfire, serial number: 2096, the fine gutta percha grips with matching number. Standard Hammond Patent Bulldog Single Shot Deringer, made circa 1866 in Naubuc, Connecticut… nicknamed the “BULDOG”. The top of the barrel is marked “CONNECTICUT ARMS & MANFG CO. NAUBC CONN. Hammond’s patent is located on the top of the breech and reads “PATENED OCT. 25.1864.” The instructions are in readable condition and remain posted on the inside of the lid. These lifesaving pistols lived near/on water and obviously did not survive… these are quite unique and desirable today.

Item Date: 1866-1880s

Measurement: Case: 4.5" x 11" x 7"; Pistol: Overall length: 8"; barrel length: 4"

Item Condition: Very good, fine mechanics; paper cartridge box has imperfections. Gutta percha grips are fine, surface is a smooth gun metal gray; surface is smooth and bright... no original color but displays beautifully.


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